The integrated auto check-in access control system is not only an optimal security measure but also a human resource management tool, promoting automation to help businesses reduce operating costs.

Auto check-in -timekeeping system

Attendance integrated access control is a system that automates security, monitoring employee time in and out. This helps the manager to reduce administrative tasks related to timesheet processing correctly while saving time.

If in the past, most of the HR’s job was to spend time collecting handwritten timesheets and checking if they were correct. Currently, they only need access from the access control system – Insight Access Control (a product of the Insight Solution – know your customer better solution) developed by Alta Software. The system can provide reports that are not only automatic and fast but also accurate.

The best and only way to eliminate human error and time theft is to utilize time tracking to handle all access actions. Insight Access Control is seconds-accurate and fully automated, making it possible for administrators to get real-time reports of everything going on in their company and responsive to any number of users.

Timekeeping through face detection is performed quickly, accurately, and reliably. At the same time, it eliminates fraud and reduces payroll costs. When an employee logs in or out, the system compares the face to a photo linked to their profile. Once their identities have been confirmed, employees will be allowed in and out.

The result of such a time tracking is an accurate report. This way, managers are given all the information they need to keep track of their employees and pay them for the time they’ve worked. Not less, not more.

Employees are also more beneficial

Perhaps you have also had an unpleasant experience, but quite common it is patiently waiting in line for the timekeeping, and then it is your turn to forget the card, forget the password. When using other timekeeping systems, we may have kept a record of the password in our diaries or always tried to remember to take the card with us. Timekeeping through facial recognition will stop us from having to do those things anymore. It also eliminates any worries about forgetting your password or getting stolen or lost.

The system has an automatic temperature measurement feature, which can be set to refuse to open doors to personnel with high temperatures. At the same time, the non-touch timekeeping technology will bring a safer environment for employees, preventing the spread of Covid.

All-in-one solution

  • The large capacity can hold up to 100,000 records with FAR 0.0001% accuracy.
  • Biometric data cannot be shared or copied.
  • Ease of use and simplifies user management, leading to cost savings for managers.
  • Decentralize access to designated areas. Unauthorized employee lock.
  • Late departure / early dismissal course.
  • Spend less time calculating wages.
  • Methods to prevent timekeeping.
  • Pay the exact salary for the employee.

With integrated timekeeping and access control, you can program the times and objects to allow entry, gate, or any other area where safety is required. Besides, the administrator will know exactly who entered, when, and what time of stay. Alta Software’s Insight Access Control system even records employees who tried to access but were denied. Automated timing systems provide efficient tracking and access control solutions to tighten security while easily monitoring employee time and absence./.

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