Alta Software



Alta Software was established in 2017 with a team of professional and enthusiastic programmers of Alta Media.
Harnessing the power of technology, applying innovative thinking and practical application, we provide innovative and continuously improving solutions to address the challenges faced by businesses.

We build transformative products and platforms
to expand and grow your business.

We bring your idea to life.

Interactive Software

Our interactive solutions encourage customer engagement and trigger your brand story.

Game Development

Are you ready to build your own game? Join the world of art and technology.

AI & Big Data Services

Data visualization with which you can interact.

Your challenges are our challenges, your problems are our problems


We provide management platforms, solutions to improve the competitive advantage of airlines.

  • Business automation and optimization.
  • Connecting all essential services: workflow management, tracking all schedule, team, and activity changes (Sales, Crew, Maintenance, etc.)

Our customized solutions to automate internal administrative processes and learning activities and provide online educational platforms (online training applications, online courses, learning management systems, learning portal, etc.)

We create smart healthcare apps that serve the needs of doctors, patients, medical facilities. Our IT solutions improve the quality of healthcare services, optimize administrative procedures, and improve workflow efficiency.

We drive business growth by building solutions that solve the story of product selection, building operations, managing teams, reaching and increase your customer base

You have an idea?

Alta Software will help you realize

You are finding a solution?

We provide the most optimal technology