Untouch access control
Biometric and magnetic cards recognition

In an age of ensuring security is a top priority, the access control system is increasingly trusted by many organizations. The problem is that the current control systems are not enough to make the owner of the organization fully believe. What happens with systems that use cryptography is that information can easily be shared and distributed to many people, even without their permission. Physical access tools like keys and ID cards are also at risk of being easily stolen or lost.

Alta Software’s Insight Access Control system optimally controls entrance or exit. The system applies magnetic card technology (NFC technology), fingerprint technology, and face recognition technology (biometrics). In particular, biometric access control technology is one of the highly secure security systems that combines safety and convenience in a way that no other access control system as well.


Non-touch access control solution

Insight Access Control manages entrance by using an NFC card or biometric recognition technology. It provides a high level of security and identifying quickly and accurately. The system uses registered data to deny or grant access to each area. Faces, fingerprints are passwords that ensure accurate identification of individuals, and cannot be tampered with.

Automatic timekeeping

The timekeeping system is accurate to seconds and fully automatic, allowing administrators to receive real-time reports for everything going on in the organization and manage any number of users.

Automatic temperature measurement

System integrated thermal camera, with automatic temperature measurement feature. It can be set to refuse to open the door to employees with high temperatures, provide a safer environment for employees, and prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Easy access

Retrieve information
at all times

Integrated data management

cloud data

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