Insight Access Control system – control via the biometric identity of Alta Software to help maximize the requirements of security management and personnel control of the unit or organization. Erase inconvenient card forgetting, or worry of a lost card, stolen information such as password of the normal control system.

Is your organization using traditional control systems with keys, passwords, or access cards? And you must admit that forgetting your password, losing your card/key, and revealing access information is a frequent occurrence. And it is very serious if the card or access information gets into the wrong hands. So is there any solution to ensure security and ensure confidentiality of information? Insight Access Control will be the solution.

This is the optimal system to control access to ensure security using magnetic card technology (NFC technology), fingerprint technology, and face recognition technology (biometrics). In particular, biometric access control technology is one of the most popular security systems, safety, and convenience than other access control systems.

The main benefits of using security control systems


Biometric data comes from a real person, and this data is unique, used to verify their identity.

Manage permissions easily

Administrators can grant or revoke access instantly directly from the dashboard.


Eliminate the worry of losing your card or forgetting your password. Allow users to gain access to the facility without the need for anything other than themselves.

Easy access

The system can identify users in less than a second, eliminating inefficiencies and time delays caused by manual identity checks, passwords, or PIN codes.

If you want to get in and out of an area equipped with the access control system, you must be granted access rights. This permission is managed via ID by using the magnetic card, fingerprint, or face. The entire log-in history of that ID is stored on the system. You can use data to query, monitor, or retrieve reports, combine timekeeping.

Access Control will help businesses:

  • Monitor and control the entry/exit activities in the business.
  • Restrict access to sensitive areas such as data centers, warehouses, equipment rooms, etc., or prevent unauthorized access.
  • Eliminate costs incurred such as redo costs for card loss. With the access control system, it is only necessary to delete and re-issue the employee’s access information on the system.
  • Control and manage the access of multiple facilities through just one interface.
  • Deploy time attendance system at a more reasonable cost thanks to the ability to manage hours in/out of the workplace of employees.
  • To ensure the safety of assets in the company, if there is a loss, you can rely on access data to investigate the responsibility.
  • Provide a safer working environment.

The system has the advantage of fast recognition speed, high accuracy, and large capacity. It can be installed on walls, gates, or another floor supports with easy operation at companies, residential areas, schools, hospitals, stations, etc., and other public entrances. Depending on the security requirements of each region, you can integrate ways to recognize into this system such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or touch card required by the company or organization.

Insight Access Control (a product of the Insight Solution – Know your customer better) )of Alta Software is the ultimate security control solution and the first choice, ensuring high-level security while providing convenience and cost reduction for modern units and organizations./.