New product


The product of cooperation between Alta Software and Singapore

Alta Software and Singapore has just launched POD Refresh II – 2-in-1 automatic disinfectant machine. Besides providing a disinfectant, it also has the function of preparing the solution and washing hands automatically. There is a solution to avoid cross-infection to protect their health and the community in the current complicated Covid-19 situation.

Besides wearing a mask, frequent hand washing, and antiseptic is also one of the best measures to control infection in the current Covid-19 epidemic. Machine construction comes from the idea of ​​creating products that make hand washing and disinfectant provision in public places quick, convenient, and minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. There is the result of an ideal combination of an automatic hand sanitizer and an automatic refill.

POD Refresh II has a compact design. It has not only a large cabin to hold disinfectant but also provides 24/7 for users. When the user scans the QR code or uses a payment card, it will automatically guide users to wash the hands, then use the owner container to hold the solution. It has spent only 30 seconds for the entire process. Thereby helping users save time, avoid touching the device to limit the risk of infection.

Smart automatic disinfectant dispenser
  • Luxurious design, smart
  • Checkout with QR code or payment card
  • Automatic hand washing system
  • Automatic dispensing, easy to operate
  • Save cost of personnel and space
  • Available 24/7
Experience a modern, safe sales service.
  • User friendly
  • Smart sensor
  • Automatic payment
  • Warning out of stock

POD Refresh II can automatically prepare disinfectant, and an automatic filling sensor with an arbitrary amount of pumped solution adjusted by potentiometer, simple but effective. POD Refresh II is one of the products in the new POD product ecosystem – Safe & Convenient. The launch of the product is the efforts of Alta Software and Singapore to help communities maintain antiseptic handwashing habits, thereby protecting the health of the community.

Alta Software and Singapore attend about the health of the community, always ready to stand side by side with the community and society in all circumstances to join hands in building a better society. In the coming time, Alta Software and Singapore will continue to cooperate and develop more versions of the POD Refresh application in the FMCG industry (Fast Moving Consumer Goods – FMCG)./.