Alta Group has just successfully organized 2021 online AGM on April 26. With this method, shareholders are allowed to vote and attend online conveniently, quickly, and transparently.

Following the success of 2020, this year, Alta Group continues to conduct the online General Meeting of Shareholders with the number of attending shareholders representing 77.13% of the total number of voting shares. The online organization of the General Meeting of Shareholders has been chosen by shareholders because it can ensure the safety of health and benefits for shareholders in the current period.

With the online AGM solution (or online event solution) developed by Alta Software, shareholders are guaranteed the right to self-vote and the synthesis of voting results will be more fast and transparent. At the same time, limit unnecessary operating costs. For investors, the online conference also helps to reduce travel costs while increasing flexibility and convenience to participate.

Alta Software has deployed a highly scalable, greatly reliable cloud-based infrastructure. In addition, Alta Software also offers a reasonable solution to connect, while optimizing technical issues to ensure that shareholders can track, attend wherever. It also does not limit the number of shareholders participants.

Through online meetings, shareholders can participate on many devices such as phones, laptops … After successful login, shareholders can choose features such as voting – voting appointing, authorizing, monitoring meeting documents. Thus, with the above features, shareholders are guaranteed the same rights as attending the direct meeting.

Features of online AGM solution

Unlimited number of participants.

Displays a list of all events with information (time, place, ..).

Manage all event documents and possibly publish documents

Live broadcast of the entire event.

For shareholders and investors, what they are especially interested in is the interaction with the company’s management. With this online system, the company’s shareholders have many options to submit questions to the company’s management. The Organizing Committee can actively coordinate the conference so that the attending shareholders can write questions on the system, even call the meeting online to ask questions with the Presidium.

Advantages of online AGM solution

Minimize errors of manual counting of votes

Data is publicly transparent

Interact with shareholders online

Trusted meeting platform

Friendly interface, easy to use

Cost savings compared to face-to-face meetings

The Alta’s 2021 AGM online took place completely successfully, approved important content, and provided strategic directions for this year. With a clear orientation and strong information technology foundation, the implementation of The 2021 AGM meeting online shows the efforts of Alta Group in implementing drastic digital transformation in the enterprise, ready to respond and adapt to new circumstances./.