Today, the need to ensure security is a top priority, so access control systems are increasingly trusted by units and organizations. Alta Software’s Insight Access Control system applies face/fingerprint and magnetic card recognition technology, which is a solution to protect the safety, closely monitor entry, and exit activities, and minimize the intrusion of people irrelevantly

Access control is not a new concept. Locks with keys were the gold standard of access control many years ago. However, modern businesses want more than that. They wanted to manage who went in and out of their unit, so security forces and surveillance cameras were used. However, according to the global trend of technology development as well as the level of sophistication of bad actors, units need a more secure control system.

Alta Software’s Insight Access Control system grants access to a door or aisle by verifying biometrics (face, fingerprint) or a touch card on the identification device. One of the benefits of a biometric authentication system is that it is much harder for someone to log in with someone else’s ID. This system helps to quickly and conveniently control security for authorized users and deny access to unauthorized people.

Structure of the access control system


Central controller


Store data, check the validity of the card, fingerprint, face to control the lock – open the door.




Receives card, fingerprint, or face signal and transmits information to the controller.


NFC card


Contains personal information. Cards can be replaced by identification methods such as fingerprints, faces.




Including door lock, Exit push button, door sensor.

Working principle of security control system

In order to enter an area equipped with a security control system, users must be granted access permission.

  • Each entry/exit door will be fitted with a locking system and a reader used to control the lock. In normal, the door is locked to prevent people from freely passing through the control door.
  • When a person wants to enter the control area, they are required to register in the system using access rights (card, face, fingerprint).
  • The reader is connected to the control panel, through which the entry and exit information of people accessing the area is strictly managed. Data including user information, entry/exit time will be saved in the reader and transmitted directly to the control panel or control software on the security or manager’s computer.

Advantages of Insight Access control

Every security control solution has its advantages. With the following advantages, you will not need to wonder but immediately choose Insight Access Control to protect the safety of your unit and organization.

  • Bring the perfect security solution, a high level of security, provides touchless door access by smart card recognition, fingerprint, and face recognition.
  • Prevent unauthorized access, protect people and property. In addition, all events are stored for investigation and monitoring.
  • Reduce costs for employees while improving trust and transparency.
    Support inspection monitoring function at all times.
  • Store data and retrieve reports at all times.
  • Lưu trữ dữ liệu và truy xuất báo cáo tại mọi thời điểm.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems: CMS, CCTV, alarm, elevator system, safety system, etc. And many other features.
  • In addition to the main use of enhancing security, the system can also maximize the management requirements in terms of personnel control of the company.

The installation of an access control system will help improve safety and ensure security for buildings, businesses, agencies, factories, etc. This system will make access management easy and more convenient, and prevent unauthorized access./.

Security control easier, safer

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