Insight access control kiem soat ra vao

Safe, easy to install, and aesthetically designed, Insight Access control is device security for businesses and organizations. As consumers expect, this access control system nhas the standard feature is smartly unlocking/closing. But it’s more likely than that.

Forget the keys, and the locks are messy, easy to rust. Consider owning a smart access control system for yourself. Let’s explore some lesser-known powers of Insight Access control, a security control system through facial recognition of Alta Software.

1. Auto lock/unlock via facial recognition, biometrics or magnetic card

Insight Access control provides an auto-lock/unlock feature with three options: face recognition, fingerprint, or magnetic card. An exit door fitted with a locking equipment set, and a reader used to control the lock.

The user must be registered in the data system to be granted access. In the normal state, the door is locked to prevent people from freely passing through the control door. The system uses registered data to deny or grant access to areas to the person.

No need to worry about forgetting the key or forgetting the password. No need to worry about forgetting to lock the door. It will be quite a lifeline for everyone when everything is in a hurry. We have so little time and so much to do.


2. Customize access to each region over time

This feature is especially useful in restricted access areas. Such as areas for storing confidential data or for storing chemicals, hazardous materials, etc. It is also suitable for businesses working in shifts, business owners who want to grant access to the areas according to the working time of each employee.

3. Control those who enter and those who intentionally gain unauthorized access

The system is equipped with a feature to store information about successful and unsuccessful access times. The system can retrieve login reports to monitor people entering and leaving, including those who intentionally gain unauthorized access.

4. Unlimited Storage

The size of your business is 100 or 1,000, even 10,000 people or more. The system provides an infinite database. Access data of all times in and out are stored and retrieved at any time for timekeeping, control, and monitoring.

5. Screening people with high temperature

Due to concerns about health and security for employees in the enterprise, Alta Software’s Access Control device equips with a human temperature sensor. Thermal cameras can automatically measure temperature, help detect people with high temperatures, and can set up to deny access to these people. The working environment will become safe so that everyone can work with peace of mind.

With such great features as above, maybe now you want to own a security system like Insight Access control. But are you concerned about installation problems? You think it’s troublesome, difficult to install? Don’t worry, just pick up the phone and contact us. We will immediately advise you of the best solution, suitable for your requirements.