Access control
100% no direct contact

Fast and accurate face detection, even in low light
Accurate body temperature measurement
between 25-40°C

Automatic door opening and closing system

Access control via face recognition & instant temperature measurement

Insight access control is a shield that helps protect facility assets as well as contributes to high-temperature screening. The solution enables organizations to have real-time temperature control and access control with a single device. It provides contactless, fast, cost-effective, and accurate means, anytime and anywhere.

The system combines access control with a thermal sensor and the most advanced AI facial recognition technology to accurately measure the user’s temperature and face in real-time. Its temperature detection distance is up to 0.5 meters, which helps to check the safety of staff and guests before entering the premises. If an abnormal temperature is detected, the system will alert or deny access.


Multi-factor authentication & built-in options

For ID verification, the device provides multi-factor authentication methods such as the face, fingerprint, NFC tag. Allows businesses and organizations to specify different authentication protocols for many levels of employees.

Base on flexible and user-friendly Cloud CRM Central Management System platform. It is designed to allow administrators to manage group IDs. Also, it can schedule settings, and generate reports on access logs, and records temperature profiles for better monitoring. It improves the operational efficiency of both administrative and security personnel, saving their time to improve productivity.

  • Employee access control
  • Guest access control

Application of access control system

This system can measure temperature with high accuracy and perfect integration of intelligent functions such as face recognition, ID card, fingerprint.time attendance, can use to control access in offices, schools, industrial parks, railway stations, hotels, shops, supermarkets, security departments, and so on. In any area, need to control safe, and effective access control provides a safe environment for everyone.