Currently, the demand for medical examination and treatment is always at a high level. Therefore, overcrowding in hospitals is very difficult to solve. Congestion when waiting leads to dissatisfaction of patients and also pressure for medical staff. Health check-up kiosks are a solution to this burden for medical centers.

For physical examinations at a medical facility, patients have to wait a long time to complete registration and general examination procedures. With an automated health check-up kiosk, people easily register, self-check commonly stats, get a sequence number on the spot and receive digitally stored health results. These results will be included in each person’s Electronic Health Record and forwarded to a physician for diagnosis.

Doctors can monitor the patient’s condition and provide additional medical services quickly based on these exact health results. With an automated health check-up kiosk, the efficiency of the medical examination greatly improved. Of course, the patient experience also increases.

What is a health check-up kiosk?

POD Vital – Alta Software’s automated basic health check-up kiosk, powered by Face ID, AI Vision. POD Vital is a smartly, low-cost, and efficient healthcare kiosk that assists people with general health check-ups without the need for medical staff intervention. It saves everyone’s time by providing a quick measurement of basic health metrics.

POD Vital can measure the following metrics:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Blood pressure
  • Temperature
  • SPO2 - blood oxygen level
  • Customization (on request)

POD Vital – How to relieve the burden in the hospital?

The kiosk can equip at hospitals, polyclinics, medical centers, or anywhere. At these places, the registration, order number, and general medical examination will perform by the patients themself. It relieves the burden on hospitals by easing the workload of medical professionals. As a result, they can better focus on patient care.

1. Serve more patients.

A health check-up kiosk only takes 5 minutes to examine a patient. It is faster than the traditional medical check-up process at hospitals. It increases efficiency as more patients are served in less time. Therefore, the burden on the hospital will be less and thereby also improve the quality of medical examination and treatment.

2. Instant results for medical improvement or support.

The health check-up kiosk is easy to use and provides quick and accurate results. Patients will be satisfied with having the results of indicators quickly, immediately after use.

3. Reduce pressure on medical staff.

In hospitals, medical staff receives a lot of patients. Keeping a record of the test reports of all patients is knotty and time-consuming. Having to deliver quickly and accurately puts them under constant pressure. Health check-up kiosks ease their burden as they provide immediate results, ensuring each person’s data are private and secure.

4. Reduce contact between medical staff and patients.

Medical kiosks will reduce the number of medical staff having to reach patients because patients can self-check. This solution also reduces communication pressure on both sides.

5. A solution to minimize cross-contamination for healthcare staff.

Using medical kiosks will reduce the number of medical staff having to reach patients because patients can self-check. It also reduces communication pressure on both sides.


As the number of patients due to various diseases increases, the burden on the healthcare system also rises. Faced with the current pressures that hospitals are facing, a health check-up kiosk is a necessary device. It helps people self-check health index. In addition to the basic stats, POD Vital can also expand its features, customizing it according to the needs of medical facilities.

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